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We believe that everyone has huge potential.

We work to develop people’s potential and improve relationships

in  Ukrainian and global labor market.

  • We help find the top talent for those leaders who believe that people are the key to success.

  • We partner with companies in a wide range of industries and source the candidates of all levels.

  • HR and business consulting.

  • Compensation analysis conducted by our partners.

  • Inspirational workshops and trainings with keynote speakers for our friends and partners.

  • Philosophy of our events: Relax. Meet new people. Get new skills.

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  • We help candidates create and improve their resumes (CVs).

  • Advice regarding candidate profiles on job search websites.

  • Interview skills coaching.

  • Workshops and consultations from our experts.

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VSK Consulting

Recruiting in Ukraine and globally

HR and business consulting

Career exploration coaching

Career tests for teenagers and adults

About us


We understand business needs because we've worked from the bottom up ourselves.


We source and select personnel from any location worldwide.


Our approach utilizes the latest tools for recruiting and personnel development.


We speak 4 languages: Ukrainian, English, Italian and Russian.


Long-term relationships with clients and partners are our aim.


Our core values are respect, privacy, quality, result and reliability.

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